Saturday, 8 August 2015

Hair colour/style advice

When it comes down to being a girl i pretty much fail. I don't know anything about skincare or beauty. If i see something in a shop which i like, i'll get it. The one thing i do know about is hair. I have changed the style and the colour of my hair more times than you would believe. I wanted to talk about the way you should go around dying your hair and some of the do's/dont's.

As you can tell by the collage of different images above, my hair is never the same colour for longer than around two months. These pictures are also in order, the bottom right being the most recent. There are many other colours ranging from turquoise to dip dyed blonde but i simply couldn't find pictures from these phases, or they were too embarrassing.

If it's your first time dying your hair i highly advise you go to a hair dresser because you will achieve what you want properly there. If you have dyed your before and you're thinking about doing it again, i'd still say go to the hair dressers, but if you're on a budget then try look for no ammonia, it'll be healthier for your hair.

I have had extensions, a fringe, a bob, layers and non layered hair. Anything that you could imagine, i have done. I want to advise people out there who are looking for a change, think about it, please. I am so spontaneous when it comes to my hair, i can decide the day before that i want to cut 5 inches off and many, many times i've looked in the mirror after and wondered what i had done. I can't explain this obsession with you guys, i just get bored with my look easily. 

A big part of me changing my hair would be the person doing it, i have to trust them. I always go to someone who i've had do my hair before. Even though i can decide on the moment what i want, i need to know that the person will do a good enough job. I currently have a mobile hair dresser and she is fab, she's not much older than me and she's become a really good friend so i'm comfortable each time. If you don't know the hair dresser you are going to, you should check that she is recommended. There's nothing worse than coming out looking like you've been dragged through a bush backwards. If you do come out looking horrible and hating the colour she's done, tell them. They will always do what they can to fix it, because at the end of the day they will be embarrassed and they do want you to be happy, it's their job.

Let me know what your best and worst hair styles/colours are in the comments below and i hope you enjoyed this different post!



  1. Hey!! Just wanted to let you know, I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Awards! - here are the details!
    Love Georgia xxx

  2. Thanks for tips! I'll try to remember it the next time I feel like changing everything too much. Xo

    1. No problem sweetie hope you enjoyed the post x